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My mind, in bullets so you don’t get lost


So, things on my mind…

  • I love, love, love Old Navy’s Dreamer jeans. I forgot how wonderful it is to wear jeans that don’t gap in the back. In fact, I want to buy more and just toss out all my other pants.
  • I won – Thank you Cursingmama! – a copy of The Mayo Clinic Diet book & journal over at her review blog. I also started it even though it cautions to wait until a good time. The week before Easter is decidedly NOT a good time. As I have mentioned every single year on this blog, my favorite candy in all the world is only available at Easter. The first two weeks (the Lose It! portion) you are suppose to give up sugar. Hahahahaha. Yo, that shit is hard. I’ve done… ok. Not perfect but not nearly as bad as I would have been if I wasn’t doing this. Also? I have to decided to eat as much candy as I want on Easter. For one day. I will be in a sugar coma. Then? I might extend the first 2 weeks for one more. We shall see.
  • As anyone who follows me on twitter already knows, I had my annual review yesterday at work and it has been decided I’m full of the awesome. As for a raise, extremely minimal merit raises are being offered up. I for one am glad to have a job. Not that we couldn’t use the money but I’d rather have no one lose their job.
  • Found out a friend from high school is in the hospital with an infection around his heart… from twitter. Twitter FTW! (As for the other business on twitter. Suck it, don’t suck it, I’m out of caring. Although, thanks for the entertainment.) As for my friend, I’m seriously worried. He is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and we just reconnected. Get well Alan!

Child update for the related people and grandparents out there reading – non-related and non-grandparents, do not feel the need to read my annoying gushing. (I must gush when I can because usually I’m just complaining about them):

  • Alex played for the Varsity baseball team during a scrimmage the other day. He was not nervous. I was a wreck. He held his own though. It’s his first year catching and he’s doing great but has some stuff to work on. What? I don’t know – see: not informed about sports. Still, the coaches seem to like him and he’s getting the hang of it.
  • Tyler made the JV golf team. He’s very excited and we are very proud. Now we need to invest in a membership for him at the local golf course.
  • The last parent-teacher conference ever for Dylan was the only one where the teacher had nothing negative to say. Only lovely words were spoken. And his grades are higher than they’ve ever been. Also, it has been agreed by all that Jr. High should be good for him. Apparently letting him almost flunk out last term worked. He’s getting all his homework done at school now. Now if he would just let me cut his hair.
  • Zach. What to say about him. He’s a bit sassy. A bit whiny. All brilliant and still adorable. Baseball starts next week.
  • The 3 youngest have all signed up for the mini-triathlon again.
  • Clearly none of these children are related to me.

Happy 2010!


she shoots sheep shots: redscarf project


This is copied straight from She Shoots Sheep Shots. You can see the original here.

red scarf

As of today, the OFA has just barely 1300 scarves. They need 3000 for the Red Scarf Project, to send in care packages to college students formerly in foster care, who are going it on their own.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of these kids. This isn’t just some nutty knitters feeling good idea. The students truly appreciate what you are doing, knitting something by hand for them. Not only is it likely to be the only handknit they receive, it will likely be the only care package.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Cast on for a red scarf and work on it as much as you can this week, and if you’re in the US, especially over Thanksgiving. Pick a simple pattern and you’ll maybe finish it by Sunday. Or next.
  2. Be thankful for whoever supported you with a care package when you were a student. Think what it would have been like without them. And if there wasn’t anyone? Then you really know how it matters.
  3. Tell another knitter about it . There’s info on the Red Scarf blog. And patterns.
  4. STEAL THE POSTER above and put it on your blog. Really! If you click on it, it’ll go to my Flickr page, just steal it from there.
  5. Call your local yarn store and tell them about this. If they need a poster to print out, there’s one of this one, print sized, linked to the Red Scarf blog. Offer to print it out for them & hang it in the store. Maybe they want to offer a discount on any red yarn for one day to perk things up?
  6. Knit! I’m determined to finish the one I’m on now, and crank one more by the December 15th deadline. It is do-able. Join me?

My last pep talk on the subject is here, it has additional suggestions for helping out.

Steak & BJ Day


I almost missed reminding you that today is Steak and Blowjob Day.

Don’t forget to show your love for your honey by celebrating. You can learn more about it here.

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Back at work & your regularly scheduled life


It feels as if I spent the past eleven days on a bit of vacation from life. It was definitely a vacation from work and without a schedule to follow I sort of floundered as I am wont to do. I did have grand ideas of things I could get done with so much time off work but without any actual plans I got nothing done. The only thing I swore I would do – bake – didn’t even get done. Yes, a holiday season without baking. A travesty if there ever was one!

I did however take the children skiing more than once. I rented skis for the season, I suited them up and spent a day reading in the lodge with breaks to hand out money, food and hot chocolate. I also bought a snowboard for one of them and last night… Last night I skied for the first time in five years. My planning skills really need work. Not only do I have to adjust to being back at work, I had to figure out how to get to my second floor office without going up the stairs. Also, the screams every time I rise from my chair are upsetting my office mates. I don’t think they appreciate it on this first day back to work.

As for holidays and new years and resolutions…

The holidays were good. Much Rock Band 2 was played on the Wii. During said play it was discovered my 12 y/o’s voice is changing and now I have to pay him to not sing. A nasty head cold made the rounds but overall it was a healthy holiday. The new year was celebrated by bowling. And we were witness to another holiday miracle…

My 14 y/o was invited to a New Year’s party and did not even ASK if he could go. He told his friend he would be bowling with his family. Yes, a 14 y/o boy willingly spent time with his family over the break. He played games with us, bowled, and did not sulk. I’m trying to soak up and enjoy each and every moment before the wind changes direction. I know this will not last but for now I even have photographic PROOF of this miracle. Of course I can’t post it because it would require me to actually take the photos off my camera. That has not happened. I’m thinking I need to put more photos on Flickr so maybe I’ll start with these.

As for resolutions, I’m not a fan. Some years I make them, most years I don’t. I think this is a don’t year. They just make me feel bad when I don’t accomplish them. 2009 seems to be the year of let’s see what happens. Of course, I just realized I mentioned I must work on my planning skills. That without plans I get nothing done… hmmm. Still, right now feels like a take life where it leads you time.

Things I learned over the break:

  1. I can not drink 10 cups of coffee in one day unless I want to be up until 3am.
  2. I need a plan or I will get nothing done but watch Gilmore Girls.
  3. I think I’m in love with Gilmore Girls. I’m on season 6. I don’t want it to end.
  4. Your arms can be sore from skiing. No, I don’t know how that happens. It just does.
  5. It is possible for teenage boys to play Rock Band for 7 hours straight with only one break for food.
  6. If not playing video games they eat approximately every 23 minutes. (Okay, I already knew this.)
  7. Sometimes your kids will want to play a board game with you.
  8. A cool uncle present will up the time your teen will want to spend in your company.
  9. If you need to laugh until you cry, hang out with a sibling.
  10. Mondays are harder than you remember when you have to go back to work after a vacation.
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