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Mai Tai One On – Book Review


I’m going to say it right here. I got a copy of this for my kindle for free from the publisher in hopes I would review it. I didn’t promise them anything. And I certainly never said I’d give a positive review. So, with that out of the way, my review…

Mai Tai One On (Book 1 of the Tiki Goddess Series) by Jill Marie Landis is a promising start to a new series. As a fan of mystery series I have read my way through quite a few offerings out there. The Hawaiian location interspersed with local vocabulary, quirky characters and hints at a romance for our lead Em poise this to be a winner in the genre.

Murder, (poor) hula dancing and exotic drinks tested by a parrot seem to be what it takes to make me want to visit Kauai and read the next book in this series.

I suggest you get this if you enjoy other murder mystery series with a light heart and a quirky vibe.